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Understanding Home Security

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Date: Fri 25th August 2017

Be honest, when you think of home security, you picture an engineer coming into your home and installing a complicated, hard to use and expensive security system. It's worth bearing in mind though that there are various cheaper alternatives. This article will help you protect your home from intruders, vandals and other criminals.

Make yourself feel less vulnerable

If you're living alone, it's perfectly understandable to feel afraid of home invasions. This is especially prevalent if you're female as people are more likely to try and take advantage of women living alone. To combat this, try placing a pair of muddy boots on your front step to give the appearance of a man staying in the property.

Be wary of salespeople

We all know how frustrating it can be to have salespeople turning up at our front door. If they do, and ask to come into your home, you must ask them for proof of their credentials before letting them in.

Ideally, you should ask them to slide their identification under your front door as there are many professional burglars that will attempt using this tactic to check out a home. The best thing to do is if you're feeling doubtful about them, call their office to check before allowing them into your property. 

Survey your house and the exterior

It might be worth walking outside of your home, during the day and at night, to see what is visible through your windows. For instance, if there is a clear view of valuables, especially TVs and other easily stolen electronic devices, then potential thieves are more likely to try and break in to steal them. If you don't want to go through the stressful process of rearranging the interior of your home, just make sure that drapes or blinds block the view. 

Keep your property exterior clear

It's highly recommended to keep any areas directly alongside your home clear of bushes. This will eliminate potential hiding places for intruders. While you might want to have ornamental shrubs and bushes alongside your home and underneath windows to improve the appearance, they are ideal hiding places for would-be thieves and burglars. So keep these potential trouble spots clear, especially if they're in front of or around windows.

Get to know your neighbours

One of the most vital tools in home security is actually your neighbours! Not only can they keep an eye on your home when you're away, but they can also alert the community if anything suspicious is occurring. For instance, neighbours may discuss rumours and gossip of other houses in the area being broken into. In which case, it might be time for you to step up your home security.

Link your security system to the local police station

Nowadays, many people are numb to the sound of alarms, having heard so many go off randomly and for no reason over the years. Therefore, it is important that your home security system is linked to your local police station. That way, if you are home and are unable to call 999 yourself or you are away from home, the alarm will still notify the relevant authorities.

Try purchasing some timed indoor lights

If you work odd hours or you're planning to go on holiday, it might be worth getting some timers for your indoor lights. This way, your home will still look like it is being occupied even while you are away. We would recommend that you place these timers in more than one room as well, as potential thieves and burglars will otherwise realise that only one of your rooms is illuminated at any one time if not.

These security tips are not a 100% guarantee that you don't ever become a victim of burglary or theft, but they are very effective ways of improving not only your property security but also your peace of mind in the process.

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